Our Coaches

Melissa Patriquin, Coach

Hometown: Kingman, AZ

Background: I was a personal trainer and triathlon coach before I started coaching Crossfit.   I started doing Crossfit in 2011 and began coaching in 2012 at Kingman Crossfit. I love how the sport of Crossfit has evolved and the way it continues to grow and develop it’s been awesome to be a part of it and to see it happen right before my eyes at Back Alley with the evolution of the athletes that go there and the community that makes it such and amazing box! 

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1,  CrossFit Coaches Prep, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Endurance, Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Power Lifting, Crossfit Weightlifting, USAW

Accomplishments: I have competed in sprint adventure racing and qualified for nationals in 2011 for age group sprint triathlon. I have competed in Oceanside half Ironman, St. George Ironman and Silverman, half marathons and marathons.  SICest of the Southwest 2013, 1 place in the team event.  

Sam Montini, Coach

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Background: Always been an athlete by some definition. I played football and ran track during high school, played rugby for a bit at NAU. Joined Back Alley in August of 2013. Been all Crossfit since then.

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1 Certificate.

Biggest CrossFit challenge: Proper lifting techniques. Basically had to start from square one because everything Id been taught was wrong.

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment: Finally having strong legs. I was always weak in my lower body. Now Im starting to even out.

Favorite girl WOD: Helen

Favorite quote/ motto: Work hard, stay humble.

Three words that describe me: Persistent, unyielding, destructionist (google it)

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: Eating a Zone diet, hanging out with Mark, or sleeping.

Sean Cassidy, Coach

Hometown:  Kent, Washington

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1, BA Elementary Education

Biggest CrossFit challenge:  Muscle Ups/Butterfly Pull Ups

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment:  Finishing 2014 Open Workouts

Favorite girl WOD:  Annie or Cindy

Favorite quote/ motto:  To Give Anything Less Than Your Best, Is To Sacrifice The Gift. -Steve Prefontaine

Three words that describe me: Caring, Reliable, Friendly

When I’m not in the box, you can find me:  Playing with my girls!

Josh Cunningham, Coach

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Background: Star Wars enthusiast; sci-Fi fanatic; coffee fiend; meat-a-saurus; om nom all the nom noms.  Oddly good at making laser sounds. 

Certifications/ degrees:  degrees in math/physics. Masters in applied mathematics. Level-1 crossfit trainer, Olympic lifting certified, powerlifting certified. Master jedi

Biggest crossfit challenge: gymnastics stuff. Free standing hand stand pushups are the devil

Biggest crossfit achievment: I met Arnold Schwarzenegger one time

Favorite girl WOD: King-Kong

Favorite quote/ motto: “Physics is like sex…sure it has practical applications, but thats not why we do it” – Richard Feynman

Three words that describe me: hungry, grumpy, weird

When i’m not at the box you can find me: at Sunnyslope high school coaching football or in my lab

Kimberly Ander, Coach

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Background: grew up playing sports, mainly softball and running cross country (did weight training within that), longest run- half marathon, now play recreational kickball and softball, hike, golf, run

Certifications/ degrees: level 1 Crossfit Trainer, BA in Human communication, Sign Language, CPR

Biggest CrossFit challenge: feeling comfortable upside down, lol, my hand stand push ups

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment: 5:52 Fran, Fran is not my strength, but it is now!

Favorite girl WOD: Cindy or Barbara

Favorite quote/ motto: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

Three words that describe me: loyal, passionate, energetic.

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: 30,000 ft up, hiking/outdoors, watching/playing sports, traveling, loving life!

Mike Giboney, Coach

Hometown: Phoenix

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1, Bachelor of Science in Management, Black Belt in being Awesome.

Biggest CrossFit challenge: Overhead anything, and recovering properly from injuries.

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment: Finishing a paleo challenge completely!.. I like beer.

Favorite girl WOD: Kelly

Favorite quote/ motto: “You want to change the world, start by making your bed.”/ “Tough Times dont last, Tough People Do.”

Three words that describe me: Still developing…

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: At work, at home, or outdoors!

Mark Andrew Jaycox, Coach Intern

Hometown: The Dirty T

Background: All around athlete. Grew up playing sports with 3 brothers and my father. Played football, basketball, wrestling, and track at Slope. Started Crossfit at BA in late Aug of 2013

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1 cert.

Biggest CrossFit challenge:  Form… had to relearn everything I though I knew.

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment: getting my eating habits and weight under control with crossfit. Lost 45lbs

Favorite girl WOD: Fran. Embrace the suck.

Favorite quote/ motto: God First, Family, then Crossfit.

Three words that describe me: Bearded, Hairy, ManBeast

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: Work. I work A LOT.

Patrick Carpenter, Co-owner/Coach

Hometown:  Phoenix

Background: Native to Phoenix, AZ. Graduated from Washington High School in ’04. Currently work for Surprise Fire Department as a Fire Fighter/Medic.

Certifications/Degrees: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic lifting certification, CrossFit Mobility certification

Biggest CrossFit Challenge: Burpee challenge.    

Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment: Finishing the burpee challenge.

Favorite girl WOD: Nancy

Favorite quote/motto: “I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising.” KP

Three words that describe me: I like pretzels.

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: Spending time with my hot wife! 

Katy Hoyle, Co-owner/Coach

Hometown: Phoenix

Background: As a Phoenix native, I grew up being very active!  I was a gymnast, played softball, volleyball, and was always bouncing around.  I started CrossFit after I had my daughter Ella.  It didnt take long to get addicted! 

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, CrossFit Mobility Certification

Biggest CrossFit challenge: Muscle Ups

Favorite girl WOD: Annie

Favorite quote/motto: I loves smiling, its my favorite!

Three words that describe me: energetic, competitive, neurotic

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: Hanging out with my amazing daughter and Husband or crafting! 

Cody Rounds, Co-owner/Coach

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Certifications/ degrees: Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, CrossFit Weightlifting.

Charlie Rounds, Co-owner/Coach

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Background: I grew up in North Central Phoenix. I played football in high school, rugby in college and club rugby for about 6 years. I work as a Physician Assistant and fill my time hanging with my 3 little girls and amazing wife! I started CrossFit in 2011 to train for the Tough Mudder and never looked back.

Certifications/Degrees: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Mobility, Masters in Physician Assistant Studies

Biggest CrossFit challenge: Recovering from ACL surgery the summer of 2013 was an insane physical challenge. Going from CrossFitting 5 days a week to being completely immobile was also a huge psychological challenge. Learning to walk, squat and run again was unlike anything I’d ever gone through. In the end, I was able to improve a lot of my technique and fix some flaws Id been compensating for for a long time.  

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment: For years, fitness would always come in spurts. It was a cycle of motivation, results and burnout. Just finding a fitness program that Ive been able to stick with and enjoy consistently for years has made a huge change in my life.

Favorite girl WOD: Annie

Three words that describe me: Focused, Passionate, A Little Serious 🙂

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: In the office or at home with the family!