So you wanna run a race? Awesome, that’s step one!

…Now you actually have to figure out how to be ready on race day.

How do you train for a 5k/10k or even a half marathon? Do you run more and more every day until you get to the race distance? Do you start with  a pace you think you can handle and slowly add distance or do you start with distance and increase your pace? What do you do when you hit a plateau 3 weeks into your training? How do you keep your knee, ankle and hips from falling apart in the process?


be ready on race day

Just like any serious goal, you need a program…and a coach! I’ve competed in sprint adventure racing, Ironmans, half/full marathons, Ragnar. As a coach, running competition experience is important, but coaching experience is key. I’ve been coaching athletes for over a decade, and specialize in endurance  and strength training. My whole philosophy is creating a program you can follow for years that won’t burn you out or cause your body to fall apart.

Introducing, Ready to Run. A comprehensive running program that will get you from couch to 5k. The program includes one weekly 30min 1 on 1 session, a run analysis and weekly programming to get you race ready. Stop guessing and invest in your training!

2 Training Options:

4 weeks: (4) 30min 1-on-1 skills and drills sessions; run analysis, weekly remote programming $199

8 weeks: (8) 30min 1-on-1 skills and drills sessions; run analysis, weekly remote programming $349 (save $50)

Training for a race is always more fun with a friend..and it’s more affordable as well! Save $60 each on the 4 week program and $90 each on the 8 week program!!!

Email me at to go over the program and get started!

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