We have an exciting week ahead of us starting with Labor Day & ending with our Back Alley Extravaganza!

Labor Day

This Monday, we will be holding only two ALL LEVEL classes at 8 & 9am! The workout will be a throwback to our first Labor Day WOD in 2012…Get excited!

Free Community WOD

Saturday, September 12th will start out with our Free Community WOD. Once again we will have two ALL LEVEL classes at 8 & 9am. This is a great time to bring friends, family, or anyone else who has been questioning you about why the heck you’re always walking with a limp! Also, IMPACT GYMNASTICS has offered supervised OPEN GYM for kids ages 3 and up during both the 8 & 9am classes. ($5 first kid, $3 for each after)

Back Alley Extravaganza!!!

What is a Back Alley Extravaganza? Well thanks for asking. The Back Alley Extravaganza is an opportunity to celebrate some fun and some serious milestones. We will be celebrating Coach Kimberly Ander’s 30th birthday and of course a celebration for all of your accomplishments so far this year! But most importantly it will be a celebration of Jordan! Jordan recently had his best PR to date. He kicked cancer in the F#cking teeth and never looked back! So grab your best party attire, a bathing suit (pool will be open) & bring a side to share. We will provide the rest!