Program – CrossFit 101

Shoulder Press (10-10-8-8)

WLC WOD#4 (AMRAP – Reps)

This workout will be in 3 minute blocks of 2 rounds per block. If you complete the 2 rounds you will get another 3 minutes of Thrusters and Double/Single Unders (depending on level). Each repetition of Thrusters and each Double/Single Under is worth 1 rep.

3 mins:

2 rds:

9 Thrusters

27 Double Unders


11 Thrusters

33 Double Unders


13 Thrusters

39 Double Unders


and so on…

Rx+: 95/75 lbs

Rx: 75/55 lbs

Scaled: 55/35 lbs, Single Unders (1:1)

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