A year ago, we featured Phoenix, Ariz., native Leslie Spector, who was pregnant with baby #2, and an advocate for CrossFitting while pregnant. Today, Leslie has not only shed the baby weight, she is also one of our paleo challenge champions. Her motivation to sign up for the paleo challenge was to lose the pesky baby pounds. “I had hit a plateau with my weight loss after Sean,” said Leslie. “The paleo challenge was the nudge of motivation I needed.”

Her results speak volumes:

  • 15lbs gone forever
  • 16 inches gone forever
  • Reduced performance times by at least a minute

Leslie’s focus on a paleo lifestyle has bled into the habits of her family. Prior to the challenge, she describes her family’s meals as “paleo with lots of ice cream sprinkled in.” Now, she doesn’t even miss the dairy. For other families considering paleo, she offers this advice, “It seems more complicated than it is.  Once you know the basics, and carve out prep time, it’s easy.”

She turns to Paleo Grubs and other BACF members for recipe inspiration. “Charlie [Rounds] posted a spicy chicken leg recipe and I make that at least once a week. I also, have bacon and steak wrapped asparagus in the weekly rotation thanks to Damaris.” YUM!

Leslie began her CrossFit journey September 2010 and joined BACF in October of 2012. Leslie isn’t merely focused on her physical health; she uses CrossFit for full mind, body, and spiritual health.

“CrossFit is my medicine! Literally, I use it to naturally treat my bipolar disorder,” said Leslie. “Chemicals freak me out and Back Alley makes it possible for me to maintain balance without having to pop pills. If I go more than a couple days without my daily dose of BACF, it’s obvious. I love being dependent on exercise and friends…the support and friendships I have built are priceless!”

How’s that for CrossFit success?

More on Leslie:

Biggest CrossFit challenge she’s faced:  Front rack lifts, due to a nagging wrist injury that won’t go away.

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment:  She can see back muscles after a super successful paleo challenge!

Personal records:  After a fall during box jumps, getting back into it slowly – 18 inch box jumps (I am super scared of that 20” box). My double unders are getting better.

Favorite Back Alley memory:  Doing air squats with Sophie on my shoulders when she was a fussy baby.

What have you found most valuable about your Back Alley membership?:  Since it is a financial investment, I make sure to use it!  Missed days equal pounds and dollars, so I am motivated to stay consistent.

Favorite girl WOD:  I like Fran for the challenge. My best time 4:47, but that is a light and scaled version. I did it in 5:53 a little heavier, still a bit scaled too.