We all want to leave the box feeling like we left everything on the floor. It’s understandable. It’s the drive that makes us successful in everything we do, and we would never ask for anything less.

However, remember that every single WOD is practice. The gym is a lab where we do controlled movements while constantly changing the stimulus. We’re preparing you to naturally adapt and be able to move efficiently and safely in any situation. In order for it to work, you have to respect the movement!

What’s that mean? It means every wall ball hits the target and every squat is full ROM. It means nothing is complete overhead unless your locked out from your elbows to your ankles. When we go over movements, take a step back and think about what it feels like when a rep is complete. How do your hips feel in full extension? What does it mean to stack your shoulder to support weight overhead? If you’re having trouble finishing something or completing full ROM, identify it and work on it! Something is missing and powering through it will eventually lead to a break down and injury!

Remember, we don’t do Grace so you can pick up a bag of dog food 30 times as fast as possible. We practice so we’re prepared, so when you need to push your car or throw a mattress on your back, the correct position is second nature. Position prevent injury…and as always the ultimate goal is stay out of the damn nursing home!