Here we are, getting ready to start the last week of the Paleo Challenge. Some of us have managed to stay on track the whole time but a lot of us have started to waiver a bit (or maybe a lot). I’ll bet each of us has at least seen how dramatically our diet affects the way we look, feel and perform. Little changes make a huge difference. Our goal is for everyone to at least be conscious about they’re nutrition. Maybe you’ll have ice cream 6 days a week instead of 7!
For this last week, we’re taking it back to day 1. Start from scratch, give yourself one solid week of strict Paleo, and get in the gym! Eat clean, live clean…The person with the most points this week will win a free carpet cleaning from Love Cleaning Services. Remember, you get points for working out, keeping a journal, working on mobility and staying hydrated!
Next week we’ll announce all the winners and the overall winner of the Challenge. Good luck tomorrow on Paleo WOD #4! Make this a great week and finish with a bang!