A lesson in humility. Something most people could use. Sam Montini embraced that lesson head-on when he ventured into CrossFit. Sam had tried the mechanics of CrossFit in an informal setting, but in August of 2013, he decided to face it inside a box. Back Alley CrossFit was around the corner from where he was living. It was the perfect excuse to try something more. 

“I really thought I was in good shape before I walked into Back Alley,” Sam said. “That first WOD I did showed me how out of shape I was. I was on the ground and my lungs were heaving.”

Three months before joining Back Alley, he had a weightlifting accident where he dropped 235 lbs. on his left thigh. While he was lucky not to break his leg, but it made him second-guess his ability. Now through proper coaching and the competitive community nature of CrossFit, he is making strides with a number of Olympic lifts. 

His greatest accomplishment is the clean and jerk. “It was a while before I was willing to put weight overhead, but thanks to the coaches and my BACF friends, it’s getting easier with each day.”

On the contrary, double unders are still the death of him. He has learned to walk into each WOD with no expectations and to go hard, but when double unders are programmed, it triggers his biggest weakness. “I still don’t feel comfortable with them, and I’ve been working at them for a long time.”

Ultimately, Sam CrossFits to be prepared for anything … “and to look good naked.”

Sounds like he is still working on that humility lesson!

More on Sam:

I CrossFit because…: it’s fun. Pure and simple.

Favorite Back Alley memory: Getting my a** handed to me during my first workout. It made me hungry for more. 

Favorite girl WOD: Helen

What have you found most valuable about your Back Alley membership?: The small things: I feel better waking up; I have more energy; I feel strong. The membership pays for itself.

Favorite quote: Work hard, Stay humble.

Three words that describe me: Impulsive, Persistent, Prideful. 

When I’m not in the box, you can find me: Working. If I am not working, I am at the box.