If you want to save some cash for that sweet pair of Lulu’s you’ve been eyeing, all you have to do is spread the word about Back Alley and we’ll hook you up!

Rodney, Brooke and Kelly Roberts are WODing for free in May! Thank you so much for the referrals!

Abbey Sherman scored herself the upcoming Back Alley Pimp-shirt for letting us tell the Back Alley story to 3 of her friends! Want your shirt for free? CLICK HERE and enter the email addresses of 3 people you know would love Back Alley! Remember, once they realize they love it and sign up, you’ll also automatically get a free month of CrossFit!

We had a great trunout for Yoga last night and hope everyone had a great time! Jill is an awesome instructor with tons of experience in both Yoga and CrossFit. She’ll be here every Thursday at 730pm. Remember, you can bring a friend for only $10. Who couldn’t use a little yoga in their life?