April 10 is Hadar Bekhor’s CrossFit anniversary and one she is excited to celebrate. Hailing from Tampa, Fla., the energetic, spirited former gymnast was looking for a community when she moved to the Valley in 2013.

“I wanted something that gave me the community feel I used to have as a competitive gymnast,” Hadar said. “I love having the opportunity to be athletically competitive, and am motivated by others around me. It keeps the workout boredom at bay.”

She didn’t have to search long or hard. Hadar found Back Alley CrossFit thanks to a friend and coworker, Cory, within a few months of transitioning from Florida to Arizona.

“I was hanging out with Cory one afternoon and simultaneously we said we wanted to try CrossFit, but were too nervous,” Hadar said. “He happened to live across the street from Back Alley, so we really had no excuse.”

So, together, they ventured into the Alley and, since that first WOD, Hadar was hooked. The flexible schedule at Back Alley fits into her chaotic work schedule. As a regional manager, she is often trekking across the Valley visiting sites, making her time limited. “The various options in the class schedule eliminates the stress of trying to squeeze in a WOD.”

As a gymnast for more than 15 years, Hadar found CrossFit to fit her abilities, while still providing a challenge. Handstand walks and anything involving the lower body (i.e. deadlifts) are her forte. But as CrossFit does, it has also taught her she cannot expect to PR every month. “I have had to learn to slow down and honor my body for where it is today.”

More important than her whiteboard success are the friendships she has forged, thanks to the strong community at Back Alley. “I have made great friends that have made my transition across the country so much easier.”

For Hadar, Back Alley is now part of her boisterous family. And Back Alley is glad to have her!

To follow Hadar’s success, check out her Facebook album.

More on Hadar:

Favorite quotes: “If I pass out, please note my time.”

Favorite girl WOD: Fran

Three words to describe her: stubborn, motivated, competitive

When she’s not at BACF: Working, relaxing or hanging out with her five “kids” (two dogs and three cats!)

Biggest CF accomplishment: Her deadlift PR: 305#!

Twitter handle: gymgrl316

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