One of the benefits of Crossfit is having an opportunity to workout with your plus one. Keith and Silke Winney ventured into that commitment in November, 2012.

“We joined Back Alley because of peer pressure and because the YMCA wasn’t getting it done,” Silke said.

Let’s be real though, not seeing results ranks higher than the peer pressure, right?

Keith and Silke met in 2004 and have enjoyed traveling, hiking, and raising their dogs … when they aren’t at Back Alley, of course! They were married June, 2012 in Prescott, but they met almost nine years ago.

Keith tells their love story: “My friend was a manager at the Half Moon Bar & Grill, so I’d go in there from time to time with friends, including our own Bill Avilla. Silke was serving there at the time. I got lucky once and she was our server, and I guess I was seduced by her charm… I then started requesting her as our server when we’d go in there. Not long after, the manager tricked us by telling Silke that I had a “crush” on her, and telling me that Silke had a “crush” on me, behind our backs. Eventually we started dating and the rest is history.”

Both have learned a lot through Crossfit. “I learned another meaning for ‘snatch’,” Silke said, while Keith has enjoyed the olympic lifting.

They enjoy enduring the pain together and with the many friends they have made. “While Silke and I aren’t true OG BA members, we’ve been there quite a while now,” said Keith. “The new gym is awesome because all of the new people that have joined and it’s a great place to hang out with the friends we first met when we started at the church.”

One of Keith’s favorite memories is when Back Alley transitioned from the church to the current location.

“There was all this new-found space, and, for me, all of the tall pull up bars,” said Keith. “It felt like Back Alley was now legitimate Crossfit gym – no more being careful about not dropping weights on Sunday school pianos and being quiet while running down the halls during the church services!”

Keith’s biggest accomplishment has been tackling the WODs Rx; Silke is proud she’s graduated from ring rows to band pull-ups and has braved handstands.

“One of my first days at Crossfit the skill was handstand practice,” said Silke. “I was scared to try and had visions of snapping my neck. Katy told me “you were born to handstand” and with the gumption of a thousand bravehearts I said “I’m born to handstand!” and I did it for approximately 3 seconds!”

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More on the Winneys:

Favorite quote: “If you don’t try, you’ve already failed”

Favorite girl WOD: Silke: ANNIE Keith: Kelly

Three words to describe Silke: Positive, goofy, radical Keith: go-go gadget arms

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