Bill Avilla is the quiet type, but you can often find him in the afternoon classes at BACF tearing through WODs. A member since November 2012, Bill has set a number of personal records and raised the bar for many of the male athletes at BACF. However, he’s also been humbled by the experience.

“One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is dealing with a declining success rate,” Bill said. “It becomes apparent that you can’t expect to hit PR’s with every WOD. You gain so much in all aspects of CrossFit in the beginning, but as you continue, each exercise requires special attention to make very slight gains.”

And that’s typical for Crossfitters. Big results and big gains early on, but the greater success comes from maintaining consistency and healthy eating. Bill’s found that after six months of Crossfit, he’s only scratching the surface.

Bill has participated in a number of the BACF-sponsored events. His favorite?

“Competing in the 2013 Open,” said Bill. “We all want to do better than each other, but you’re also cheering everyone to beat your score. In the end I think we all realize that we just want beat the WOD more than each other.”

He also saddled up in January for the burpee challenge. “This was a miserable challenge, but now I no longer fear burpees. You just get into a rhythm doing them and before you know it, all your reps are completed. “

Bill most appreciates the camaraderie at Back Alley. “There are days I may not feel like working out at all, but as soon as I get to Back Alley, the energy of the other members pick me up.”

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More on Bill:

Advice to CF newbies: “When the WOD appears to be easy, it’s not. When a WOD seems impossible, it can be finished.”

Favorite girl WOD: Grace

Favorite quote: “You’ll never be younger than you are right now.”

Three words that describe me: Dependable, Committed, Disciplined

When he’s not in the box, you can find him: Joking and laughing with family and friend, hopefully with a round of drinks.

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