BACF Member Profile: Butch Raphael

While working at a local farmer’s market at a church, Butch Raphael discovered Back Alley Crossfit. Excited to have a box close by, Butch ran to his first WOD (and then obviously had to run home). Big mistake! “My first WOD included 200 air squats and a 200 meter run,” Butch said. “I couldn’t walk for days!”

Since November, he’s been a BACF junkie, seeking Crossfit even during his frequent business trips. He’s visited a number of affiliates and keeps up with BACF while he’s on the road because, “it feels good and gives me a place to put my energy.”

In addition to kicking a** at BACF and his day job that causes him to travel quite a bit, he owns AZ Pops, gourmet popsicles sold exclusively at farmer’s markets.

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More on Butch:

When he’s not at BACF: He’s running around with his 3 kids (13, 10, & 7) and “the boss lady!”

Favorite Girl WOD: I can’t do lady WODs. And I can’t have a favorite; they are supposed to be brutal. That’s the point!

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