BACF Member Profile: Katie Chandler Pentkowski

Three years ago, Katie Chandler Pentkowski gave birth to her third child. She was motivated to quickly lose the 50 pounds she had gained, so she took her husband Chad’s advice and signed up for Crossfit. In three months, she shed those 50 pounds and within eight months, secured her first pull-up.

“My body was doing things my mind couldn’t comprehend,” Katie said. “Because Crossfit is such a well-rounded workout, I was constantly surprised by the things I can do.”

But she also learned the hard way that she needed to have respect for her body’s limitations. Within her first two years as a Crossfitter, Katie hurt her back and had to give up passion for the sport for more than a year.

“I’m a perfectionist and tend to think that my best could always be better,” she said. “Accepting my limits has been a huge mental challenge and overall Crossfit challenge. Working within my own ability and being OK with it has freed me to celebrate all of my Crossfit victories, both big and small.”

Thanks to Coach Charlie Rounds’ wife Amy, Katie found her way to Back Alley earlier this year. She was immediately impressed with Back Alley’s back story … and the high energy people she’s met. “I felt welcomed and ‘at home’ immediately.”

These days, Katie is more cautious with her performance, but appreciates the hard work of all the BACF members. It inspires her to keep pushing.

“Things in life aren’t compartmentalized,” Katie says. “ Ultimately, Crossfit has taught me what I can handle. ”

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More on Katie:

Three words to describe her: Lover of life!

When she’s not at BACF: Enjoying my three munchkins: Sophia (7), Hudson (5) and Lincoln (3). Life is never dull with them around!

Favorite quote: “You are stronger than you think you are.”

Favorite Hero WOD: Murph! I love how I feel after this workout!

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