Iris Owings isn’t shy about her age … she’s a 59-year-old Crossfit rockstar.

“My daughter is a Crossfit trainer in Clarksville, Tenn. (Crossfit Conversion) and despite having two kids, she looks like she’s 25,” Iris said. “I want to look just like her!”

Her daughter encouraged her involvement in Crossfit and helped her find Back Alley, since it’s close to her house.

“It’s hard, but the coaches help me modify,” she said. “I also find value in the cost. If I want, I can workout six days a week for a little more than $6 a day.”

Which is important since she has three herniated discs. She doesn’t want to do surgery, so Crossfit is helping her strengthen her core, legs, and her golf game!

When she’s not at BACF, she can be found with her women’s golf leagues (she belongs to two!) or keeping up with her grandchildren. Three are based in Arizona, and the other two are in Tennessee.

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More on Iris:

Three words to describe her: Fun! Fun! Fun!

When she’s not at BACF: She’s on the golf course!

What she’s learned at BACF: It’s not easy, but I’m not giving up!

Biggest CF challenge: Lifting more than 35 pounds the first class, but I know I can and will eventually lift more!

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