Sara has been with us since the days in the church. Sara’s strong as hell and always has a great attitude! She’s also the only person to complete a WOD dressed for winter storm!

BACF Member Profile: Sara Hillman

Sara Hillman was sick of hearing about Crossfit and being told she should check it out by friends and family. She finally bite the bullet in August 2012, as a final push to prepare for her wedding on October 27 that same year. Post-wedding, she has a goal of getting into the best shape of her life, so it’s a priority for her to stay consistent.

The energy and coaches at BACF supports that.

“The morning of my wedding Katy [Coach Katy Hoyle] came to my hotel to make sure I didn’t miss the WOD,” Sara said. “Her energy and support started my special day on a positive note as opposed to starting with jitters and a hangover!”

Growing up, Sara was a competitive gymnast and has a number of half marathons under her belt. Now she just finds herself “jonesing to Crossfit.”

“It’s really about the people,” Sara said. “The support system at Back Alley is the most valuable part.”

Not only has she learned how strong she actually is, she has also seen her entire body change. As a result, she’s modified her diet to support her goals.

She’s also thrilled she joined Back Alley because, “now I’m one of those crazy people running up and down the street carrying crazy stuff!”

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More on Sara:

Favorite quote: “What did the fish say when he hit the wall? Dam!”

Favorite girl WOD: That Cindy is a real B%*H!

Three words to describe her: Subtle, Delicate, Dainty (I’m detecting some sarcasm…)

When she’s not at BACF: Outside the box.

Biggest CF accomplishment: Finding a workout I enjoy doing

Twitter handle: thehillmanco

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